Buddies Not Bullies Mandate

Mandate - 2 Guy BuddiesMandate - 2 Girl Buddies


To educate the public on ways to prevent and reduce the incidence of bullying.


To increase awareness of the issues concerning bullying in communities, as well as:

Distributing literature for use by the public.
Distributing literature to children, to identify forms of bullying.
Conduct awareness and prevention campaigns to assist in reducing the incidence of bullying.


To assist anyone who is being affected by bullying to proper channels, to help put an end to the issue.


To advocate for the rights of children and youth who are victims of bullying.


To have an online outlet for children and youth to use and interact about their experiences of being bullied or of being a buddy and helping stop a bully, whether online or in the community (ie. school, playground, online).

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